What is a responsive website?

In this article we will learn about all the different sorts of websites, in order to find out how they differ, with an emphasis on the attributes of a so-called responsive website. Let’s see what we can learn and who can profit the most from having a responsive website.

Let’s take a look at all the different sorts of websites, for us to see the actual difference

Ordinary custom website: this is the way most websites are done and this is exactly how we view them when reaching them via computer or laptop. The overall outlook of these websites are specifically designed to do it all when reached the traditional ways however they are troublesome and sometimes have other reactive and speed related issues, when it comes to reaching them through mobile. Most SEO companies nowadays deal with web design because lots of new-starter businesses turn to them without a proper or actual website. The other reason is, that as SEO tools deal with website and webpage restructuring it’s just all too logical for them to undertake your web design. It can also be important when it comes to business re-branding.

Mobile website: mobile website is an alternative to your normal website which is specifically designed for users reaching it through mobile devices, especially phones. The drawback of this is that this is still a different website, which means this technology today is outdated. Why? Because of our next choice:

Responsive website: Responsive website is the ultimate all-in-one option for a website to load depending on what sort of a device is using it. This is clearly the future for all websites to follow lead, as today, most browsing goes on via mobile devices. This option is clearly so much better than the separate mobile website solution, that this is slowly getting forgotten all-in-all as an option. Just to add some technical details, as the responsive website works from the very same URL it will be much easier to maintain, there are no worries about any duplicate contents, different URLs and they will also work for you so much better on the long haul. Responsive websites are also called „ mobile compatible” websites.

The role of responsive website for local businesses:

Local SEO is growing and gets bigger every day. This segment of SEO is becoming very popular because it’s a great help for all local businesses who simply don’t need national or international exposure, but need to appear all keyword and location based Local Listing search results, on the top of the page, either organically or with the help of pay per click campaigns. As Local SEO is an overall mobile based tool, a business has to have a responsive website to enable it to show up fine in the search results on mobile. And the website needs to be optimized to be just the result of as many keyword based results as possible.

SEO is unbeatable when it comes to analyzing and giving realistic forecasts and that’s another reason why you should consult with one before getting started.

In order for you to have your Local SEO all set you need the following:

  • You need to be enlisted on Google Business site alongside your full address and contact information ( a photo or two also comes handy)
  • You need to have a responsive, mobile friendly website
  • Localized web-content with geo-targeted keywords
  • Geographically specific location pages
  • An improved website coding with GeoTags.
  • A Google+ local page with full contact information and some photos if good for your business.
  • Every single page and profile needs SEO optimized content

What more than Local SEO do for you?

Local SEO will give you tons of measured tracking data, concerning your business appearing in search results, on your website’s visit numbers and visibility, a detailed competitor analysis and all these when translated by a professional can show you which way you are going, what can be expected and what steps should be taken for an improved success rate if necessary. SEO is unbeatable when it comes to analyzing and giving realistic forecasts and that’s another reason why you should consult with one before getting started.

Web design and content optimization

If you already have a website it may cost a bit of money to invest in recreating it from scratch to make it compatible. But the good thing is, that this way the SEO company can also work on making the whole content SEO optimized and work on other quality issues too while boosting the website’s overall quality in the same time. That’s exactly why it’s great to find a professional which deal with all aspects of SEO, Marketing and Web-design. They can do it all for you and they can also give you a much more comprehensive guidance with your online business strategy. Check out the referrals of SEO companies offering web design services. If you don’t yet have a website, I would highly recommend making it a responsive website from the very beginning.