The importance of Landing Page

We keep hearing a lot about the mentioning of a so-called “Landing page” but what is that and where does its importance lie? Let’s discuss this in this article. A business having a good Landing page is extremely important from a marketing point of view, but despite the Pay per click campaigns, a landing page can be used by anyone, also those who don’t engage in any direct online advertising.

A website’s structuring is immensely important for reaching a good success rate. Let’s see what attributes a successful website should have and what can a good SEO agency can do for you.

  • Professional look: a website has to look professional and in-line with the business it’s doing
  • Easy-to-navigate structure: you need to see what is where on the website.
  • Contact information and easy ways to contact a company: it’s not enough to have your contact information out there these days. You need to find ways to engage your customers and persuade them to ask you. Many websites do this with an instant pop-up for chatting or at least by having a “contact us” button on their homepage for an easy contact.
  • The Landing page: it’s the primary homepage that should deliver something that instantly catches attention and gets users to engage. The landing page is a dynamical page that should pop-up instantly, when someone visits the website ( or clicks on a specific link to visit the website) The information on landing page should be along the lines of the following:

o Advertising of a campaign – e.g. sales, discounts, “just-today discounts” discounts for those who subscribe to the mailing list or free gift for those who like the Facebook page o Subscribe or like or register buttons, to get the user instantly engaged.

The landing page’s success rate is of course constantly measured by SEO and marketing professionals. As you can see the intent of a good landing page is multiple. Apart from getting direct sales results it also works on getting people subscribed, getting people to like the Facebook page and this is exactly how an effective landing page should be.

A landing page gives users the chance to close it if they choose not to engage before seeing the website and products or services the business has to offer.

Advantages of Landing page from a marketing point of view:

  • Adds an instant focus on the company’s current campaign - let it be any sort of ad, discount, contest, free gift.
  • It creates the direct possibility of converting visitors to either fans or direct buyers.
  • It creates lots of measurable results with instant conclusions on the success rate of a campaign

Another important attribute of a landing page is, to give users the chance to close it if they choose not to engage before seeing the website and products or services the business has to offer. Landing pages which don’t have the option to close down create disdain.

As you can see a good landing page can have an immense importance and it needs a good web –design team to always keep it up to date. A good landing page paired up with an effective social media or google campaign can work wonders for a business, on more accounts as you can see from the above example.

How to measure the success of a Landing page?

This is where SEO analytic tools step in with their wide arsenal of analytic tools and experience. The primary source to measure the success of a landing page and a campaign is with the conversion rate optimization analytic tools such as:

  • Screen recording
  • Heat maps
  • Attention scanning
  • Mouse move visualization
  • Visitor analytics
  • The actual number of people who engage up to a point (subscribes but doesn’t order, likes Facebook page but doesn’t yet take action to those who take action).

Landing Page can be combined with tons of marketing and SEO tools:

  • Pay per Click campaigns
  • Mobile ad campaigns
  • E-commerce campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • Ad campaigns on social media
  • Email marketing

These serve either as “hooks” or as the results of the campaign: E.g. an ad on social media page is a “hook” to grab attention and email marketing campaigns are only for those who have engaged up to a certain point.

Who can create a good Landing Page for your business?

A good landing page needs a good website base too and the whole business needs a strong professional image. Getting all this together is no small task, no matter it’s about creating everything from scratch or optimizing and re-branding an already existing website. While this task lied with the marketing companies, today a growing number of SEO experts also deal with advanced web design and marketing campaigns.

So, even if you do not wish to invest in direct advertisement, get a professional SEO agency to have your Landing Page created and updated in a timely manner. If you would like to make your business successful online it’s time for you think about having a website with a great Landing Page.